12 Japanese Traditional Desserts: A Professional’s Guide

Japanese Traditional Desserts are some of the most popular in the world. They’re delicious, easy to make, and beautiful to behold. In this article, we will be discussing some of traditional Japanese desserts that you should know how to make.

1.Dango– Dango it is a Japanese dumplings made from rice flour with uruchi rice flour. These are triangle shaped dumplings made from flour, water, and salt. They’re steamed before being dipped into a sweet syrup which is then covered in meringue powder.

2.Udon-It is a thick noodles made from wheat flour and it is use in Japanese Cuisine. These are noodle dishes that are often served cold or at room temperature. They come in a variety of shapes and flavors, but the most popular ones contain seafood or vegetables.

3. Gyoza- Gyoza also known as “pot sticker”. These are dumplings originated in China but have very popular in Japan it is made of minced pork and vegetables it is a very thin dumpling skin. They’re usually steamed or boiled, but can also be fried.

4. Kakiage- Kakiage it is a Japanese seafood dish it is a type of tempura and made from chicken or vegetable intestines that have been deep-fried and battered. It’s crispy, savory, and perfect for a quick snack.

5. Umeboshi– Umeboshi also known as Japanese “apricot” and it translated into English as salted Japanese plums . These are pickled plums that are usually served as an appetizer or dessert. They’re sour and salty, and delicious!

6. Mochi- Mochi it is a traditional Japanese dessert also known as “rice cake” it is made of mochigome that’s often filled with sweetened whipped cream or fruits. It’s very sweet and delicate, and a great dessert option for any occasion.

7. Gomoku- Gomoku Gohan is a type of rice cake that’s often called as “five vegetable Japanese rice stew” it served with sweetened condensed milk or red bean paste. It’s chewy and soft, and a great dessert option for any occasion.

8. Harumaki– Harumaki also known as “Japanese spring rolls” it is popular dish served in Izakayas a Japanese pubs. These are spring rolls that are typically filled with sweetened salmon or tofu. They’re rolled up in seaweed and then deep-fried, creating a delicious and crispy experience.

9. Kakigori- Kakigori also known as “shaved ice topped with syrup” is a type of shaved ice that’s made from sweetened and flavored syrup, ice and have a fluffy consistency that makes Kakigori so special. It’s refreshing, tangy, and delicious!

10. Mochi Ice Cream Cake– Mochi Ice cream cake is a confection made of Japanese mochi. This cake is inspired by the popular Mochi dessert dish but features layers of fluffy mochi cake instead of rice cakes. It’s incredibly rich and delicious, and perfect for any special occasion!

11. Sujebi– Sujebi it is a traditional Japanese dish that also known as “hand-pulled dough soup. It is a type of sweet rice cake that’s often served cold with bits of red bean and sweetened condensed milk. It’s delicate, fluffy, and perfect for a sweet treat.

12. Sakura mochi- Sakura means “cherry blossom,” and this is one of the most popular traditional Japanese desserts! Sakura mochi is made from glutinous rice flour that has been steamed until it forms into small balls. The balls are then coated in sugar syrup and dried out at high temperatures to create a beautiful pink coloration.


These are a few tips on how to makeĀ  Japanese traditional desserts at home. If you want to learn more about these recipes or others, feel free to check out our website:

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