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Suki Card digitizes printed promotions.

30% increase in revenue with digital loyalty cards!

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Turn one-time customers into permanent!

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Digitize all your printed promotions. Available on iOS and Android

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Customer relationship Management tool!

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Drives 2x return Retain Customers & Boost Sales

Easy way to reward customers with bonuses

For Any promotion

Pick one of the six most widely used loyalty cards that can be customized.


Works on the mechanics: Buy 10 and get the 11th as a gift.


Give and redeem customers points for purchases.


Sell services in bulk to your customers.


Classic discount system with several earning levels.


Attract new customers
with digital coupons.


Sell prepaid certificates
to customers.


Attract new customers with digital coupons.

Free PUSH instead SMS

Totally free & unlimited

Your Company


You have been earning 62 points

Thank you for your purchase. We are waiting for you to visit again. ๐Ÿค—


Automatic PUSH notifications with information about bonus balance changes. Sent instantly after each transaction.

Your Company


Bagel is now in stock

The all-new bagelsย  in our bakeryes avaliable right now. Catch this โšก


Notifications are sent manually as an SMS mailing. Send PUSH to the entire customer base or a selected segment

Your Company


๐Ÿ‘€I see you nearly

Today -50% on coffee. We also remind you that every 10 coffee is 1 free โ˜•


Automatic PUSH notifications within 330 feet of your business locations. Displayed on loyalty cardholders' lock screen.

Your Company


Thank you for visit!

Rate the quality of service using the link in the card description ๐Ÿ‘‰

Quality control

Automatic PUSHs are sent 1 hour after each transaction with the offer to leave feedback on the service quality

Your Company


We miss you

Sign up for a visit time using the link in the card description ๐Ÿ“…


Automatic PUSHs are sent 28 days after the last purchase with an invitation to make a repeat purchase.

Your Company


Your headline

And some description with emojies ๐ŸŽธ

Create your way

The PUSH automation builder allows you to configure any script for sending PUSH notifications.

How to use

Set your promotion in 15 minutes

โ‘  Create promotion

For example, gift every 10th coffee or return 10% cashback of every payment.

โ‘ก Choose card template

Use 1 of 111 premade templates or use a simple card builder to create your own card design.

โ‘ข Fill design and content

Upload your logo and colors on card. Add promotion rules, your contact info and business locations.

โ‘ฃ Download created promo

Service automatically creates A4 file promo in PDF with your promotion rules, cards QR-code, installation instructions

โ‘ค Promote your action

Print and place your promo in offline locations and share cards installation link on social networks.

โ‘ฅ All set

Now you're done!


Super Flexible Annual Plan For Business


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Loyalty Program/Month
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Loyalty Program/Month
1 year of premium support and updates
1 year of premium support and updates
1 year of premium support and updates
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1 Store
1 Store
1 Active Promotion
3 Active Promotion
10 Active Promotion
1 Location
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1 User
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It is a loyalty platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that digitizes printed promotions and provides a free push-notification channel to help increase customer retention, revenue, and customer base.

You will be required to log in to our website in order to use this service.

The push notifications have a range of 100 meters (330 feet) from the point of sale or the designated geolocation.

Geo-push notifications are limited due to restrictions set by Google Maps. If you only need a basic push notification, you can use the push section to set up the trigger. For anything more advanced, you will need to have a Twilio account or use your own SMS message provider.

Custom auto-push works only on Business plan

Stamp cardย -The client accumulates stamps and earns a reward. For example, collect 10 stamps and get a free coffee. The client sees on the card how many stamps he has, sees how many more stamps he has to accumulate to get a reward, and also sees when he has earned a reward. Then comes and gets his/her reward. And you as a business owner write off the reward from the client’s card and the client starts to collect stamps again.
Subscription – The client buys several visits at once, after each visit of the client 1 visit (1 stamp) is written off from the card.
Cashback card – The client collects points (% of his purchases) the client can see on the card how many points he has accumulated. the client can pay for his next purchase from you with these points. You as the owner of the business can write off these points.
A discount card – There are no savings on the card. The card simply shows that this customer has a permanent discount.
Membership – A client buys a membership from you. The card shows that the client is a member, the card has an expiration date that can be renewed.
A membership card may have an expiration date that can be changed. There are no transactions on this type of card. When scanning the card, the scanner shows the cardholder and the status of the card (valid or invalid).
That is, a membership card shows that a person is a member of some club with any privileges. For example, if it is a hairdressing salon, only VIP masters serve the club members. You can draw an analogy with an airport, where there is a VIP lounge with high comfort.
Coupon – This card works great for attracting new customers. It’s a one-time card. It can be an interesting offer for the first visit (discount or free service, free coffee) Customer shows you a coupon, you redeem it (use it) and this coupon can turn into a permanent loyalty card. And then the client begins to go to you and collect stamps or accumulate points.
Certificate – Certificate. Can be used as a gift certificate. On this card, the client sees some balance of points, which he can use. You can give points to each customer after you install the card on the phone. It is possible to accrue points several times. The points can be deducted all at once or partially.
For example, you can make a certificate for 1000 points (the amount can be any). The client pays you, you credit this amount to his card. The next time the client comes to you shows that he has a certificate and does some service and as payment, you write off the points from the card. That is, the client pays you in advance, and he can use the service at any time.
You can make a promotion, for example, as a gift. many people do not know what to get for the birthday of an acquaintance. They buy a certificate from you (they pay you), you give this person a QR code, by which the person named sets up the card and then you credit the card with the amount for which you bought the certificate. Then the birthday boy comes to you and these points will use the service (for example free eyebrow design or any other cosmetic procedure, which can be a manicure, can be a facial massage, or whatever)

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