Onigiri.ph and Ramen House Brings Authentic Japanese Taste To Filipinos

When it comes to the best and most authentic Japanese food, look no further, because Onigiri.ph and Ramen House can bring them straight to your taste buds. This restaurant in Pagadian City, Zamboanga Del Sur, takes pride in crafting Japanese cuisines with no foreign influences—just the pure culture and taste of Japan.

Browse through Onigiri’s menu, discover the authentic influences behind its bestsellers, and plan out your next Japanese dining experience!

Handcrafted Onigiri

As the name of the restaurant suggests, Onigiri.ph is known for its collection of authentic Japanese rice balls. They’re a staple dish in every Japanese household, satisfying cravings as part of a full-meal lunch or as a snack.

Onigiri.ph crafts rice balls the way Japanese do—with real sticky rice, nori seaweed, and fillings. They offer a variety of flavors that are unique in Japan, such as salmon filet, bonito flakes, tempura, tuna, and karaage. Onigiri’s rice balls are far from the on-to-go rice snacks available at convenience stores, as they’re always freshly-made by experienced hands. Dedicated to providing the best and most authentic Onigiri in the Philippines.

Traditional Meals 

If you want a complete and authentic Japanese meal, Onigiri.ph offers a list of traditional meals. You wouldn’t find fusion dishes with modern twists in this section as Onigiri.ph follows traditional Japanese cooking methods and offers fresh ingredients.

Onigiri.ph serves a complete meal with rice and beverage for their Yakiniku, Gyudon, and Tempura sets. Every vegetable and meat variety on these meals has a similar taste and texture to the traditional meals of Japan. Even the pair of eggs used to enhance these dishes is authentic. Onigiri uses Japanese eggs with orange yolks, which come from healthy and naturally-bred chickens.

Authentic Ramen

Another signature dish from Onigiri.ph collection is its authentic tonkotsu ramen made with real ingredients imported from Japan. To ensure the freshness and authenticity of the ramen, Onigiri.ph regularly acquires ingredients, and spices from Japan to the Philippines.

Onigiri.ph tonkotsu ramen is also made with traditional Japanese cooking technique and dish presentation—a skillset that takes chefs years to master. Onigiri.ph ramen took days to process, the broth alone is boiled for hours, and the thin noodles are made from scratch for a truly authentic taste.

Popular Side Dishes 

Onigiri.ph offers authentic karaage (Japanese style fried chicken) and tamagoyaki (Japanese egg omelet) as side dishes—designed to complete a sumptuous Japanese meal that can surely fill your stomach. These side dishes can be served as is or as part of a meal set.

Onigiri.ph chicken karaage is made through a traditional Japanese deep-frying technique that enhances the coating capabilities of a simple potato starch, so it’s crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Onigiri’s tamagoyaki, meanwhile, captures the real texture of rolled Japanese omelets with its thin and well-seasoned layers.

Get all these and more from Onigiri’s menu of authentic Japanese cuisine! If you want a complete Onigiri.ph experience, top your meals with MugiCha, an affordable cold tea known in Japan as a ‘cooling elixir’.

Onigiri.ph sits in front of OLT, Balangasan Purok Tugas, Pagadian City. The restaurant accepts dine-in and take-out options through Foodpanda, Buknoy, Pabitbit, and Speedway, so you can choose to bring the taste of Japan to the comfort of your own home.

By Webtomo – Website Developers Tokyo, Cebu & Pagadian City

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