How to use the Onigiri Digital Reward App

Login to the Admin/Manager account to begin.

  1.  Login to your account at
  2.  On the upper right, click the burger icon to access the menu.

Access the Scanner App

  1.  After clicking the burger icon, the drop-down menu appears.
  2.  Click the Scanner App.

Use the Scanner App.

  1. Use the scanner app to scan the customer’s QR code.
  2.  Connect with customers to give rewards or points.

The customer will scan your store QR code.

  1.  After using your service, customers must scan your store’s Digital Reward QR code.
  2. After scanning, they will need to log in and register their information.
  3.  After logging in successfully, a unique QR code will appear that the store manager can scan. After that, you can add or take away reward points.

Managers will use the Scanner app to read the QR code.

Keep customers longer.

  1.  Register for free
  2. Create you digital card.
  3.  Print the QR code and gain customers!