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Onigiri is a Japanese rice ball which has been a popular snack for centuries. It's now available!


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I love the ramen at Onigiri. It is so delicious and flavorful. I highly recommend this restaurant for anyone looking for a great bowl of ramen.
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Onigiri - Rice Ball

Onigiri is a Japanese rice ball that is perfect for a quick and easy snack. It’s made with a simple mixture of rice, seaweed, and pickled plum, and it can be filled with other flavors like tuna or salmon.


Gyoza are Japanese dumplings that are juicy and full of flavor. They’re the perfect appetizer or side dish for any meal.


Gyudon is a delicious and healthy alternative to fast food. It is made with beef and rice, and it is perfect for a quick, filling meal.

Pork Yakiniku

Our Pork Yakiniku bowl is the perfect way to enjoy grilled pork. We saute the pork with a delicious blend of seasonings, making it a perfect meal for any time of day.

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Tonkotsu Ramen

Ramen is a Japanese noodle dish that is beloved by people all over the world. At its simplest, ramen consists of noodles and broth, but there are endless variations on the dish. Tonkotsu ramen is one of the most popular types of ramen. The broth is made from pork bones that have been boiled for hours to create a rich, hearty soup.

Ramen Tokyo

Japanese noodle soup made from pork bones, meats, and vegetables. This is tonkotsu ramen. The flavor offers a unique taste not found in any other dish. 

Ramen Nori Festival

Experience the best-tonkotsu pork ramen in Tokyo. Ingredients dried seaweed overload, wood ear mushroom, sesame seeds, bean sprouts, pork fillet, marinated egg & secret awesome Japanese recipe 

Ramen Pork-Awase

Ramen – topped with succulent pieces of pork that have been marinated in a delicious Japanese sauce 

Ramen Pork Fillet

A mouth-watering, delicious Ramen Pork Fillet that will tantalize your taste buds and make you want more! 

Side Dishes to Dessert

This unique Japanese Side Dishes to Dessert menu offers a variety of delicious and healthy options to complete your meal. With dishes like Tamagoyaki, Gyoza, and Sweet & Spicy Chicken, you’ll get to experience classic Japanese flavors in a new way. And for dessert? Try our Kakikori or Shingen Milk Tea for a sweet and satisfying finish.

Set A

2 pcs Onigiri
3 pcs Karaage

Karaage/Fried Chicken

Good for 2. Sautéed chicken in a Japanese style that is both flavorful and juicy.

5 Slices Tamagoyaki

Grilled Egg Japanese style. Tamagoyaki is a delicious Japanese dish made from rolled-up eggs. It’s so good, you’ll love it! 

Dessert - Kinako Kakigori

This Kinako shaved ice is the best thing ever! The perfect mix of sweet and savory, it’s like nothing you’ve ever tasted before! 

Dessert - Macha Kakigori

Macha “greentea” shaved ice? It’s the best thing ever! The perfect refreshing treat on a hot day. 

Set B

4 pcs Onigiri
3 pcs Karaage
5 pcs Tamagoyaki

Sweet & Spicy Chicken

It’s got the perfect balance of sweet and spicy flavors, and it’s so delicious you’ll crave it again and again!  


Wow, I love rice! You love rice, Our favorite rice (*^‿^*)


Desert - Strawberry Kakigori

Strawberries and shaved ice are a perfect pair! The sweet, juicy berries complement the smooth, icy texture of the shaved ice – it’s like a frozen treat for your taste buds!  

Dessert - Shingen Milk Tea

Shingen’s soybeans milk tea is so delicious! The perfect balance of sweet and salty, it’s the perfect drink to refresh you on a hot day! 

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